The Classic


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      The Classic is a conventional lifting program. All the movements in this program are the meat at potatoes of lifting. What makes this program unique and effective is the set, rep, and load schemes.

      I developed this scheme over a decade ago. The Classic is a culmination of what I enjoyed and found effective after years of training and dabbling in various methods. I've stuck with this format all this time because it works. It's a great program for improving strength and building lean muscle.

      The Classic is most easily done in a traditional gym. It is possible to do a large chunk of the program if you've got a home gym with a squat rack and bench, barbell, plates, and dumbbells. Accessory work can be modified by you with whatever equipment you have available.

      The Classic is similar to my previous conventional program, The Weida Way, but it is different enough that I think it fair to make available as a NEW PRODUCT. The Classic fills in a few movement gaps that bothered me about The Weida Way AND there is a LOT more guidance in The Classic because I don't just want you to do it, I want to do it right. The way it was intended. This is for your benefit.

      I hope you enjoy. It's a fun way to train. Cheers!

Customer Reviews

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Patrick Edmunds
The Classic is Effective

I have been cycling The Classic since it was an FB/Instagram post back in 2017 and love keeping it in my rotation. When I saw Derek had an improved version I decided it was time to update the regiment. After completing 8 weeks of The Classic and testing on week 9 I had increased my 1 RM for my Deadlift, Back Squat, Bench press, and shoulder press by an average of 20%. I believe that I could have gotten more out of the program by pushing myself farther on the burn out sets for the major lifts. I believe that The Classic is an effective and simple program most gyms can accommodate that will get you results if you stick to the grind. I will be following this up with Derek's power lifting program and I am excited to see what gains are made next testing week.

Kyle West
The classic.

Was following weida way but picked up the classic just for a change of pace. I like it. Similar but just enough different that it’s not the same.

John Chang
Simple and Effective!

Love the rep schemes! I’m doing 75 Hard and The Classic for me is perfect for this. I don’t take rest days so I just keep starting the cycle over and over. Using The Classic for my indoor workouts and it usually takes me about an hour to do each workout. So….no problem getting the at least 45 mins in for 75 Hard. I do my cardio outdoors for the other workout each day. Thanks Derek for making it simple.

Sam Worley

All around good workouts and explains reps and sets well. I’m an experienced lifter and I enjoyed the challenge it provided me. Would recommend to any style of lifter.

Nick Daedlow
The Classic

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! The big, compound movements, no BS. This is my morning routine that is now paired with my running in the evening routine to get me through the winter until I start my serious ultra marathon training.