The Classic


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      The Classic is a conventional lifting program. All the movements in this program are the meat at potatoes of lifting. What makes this program unique and effective is the set, rep, and load schemes.

      I developed this scheme over a decade ago. The Classic is a culmination of what I enjoyed and found effective after years of training and dabbling in various methods. I've stuck with this format all this time because it works. It's a great program for improving strength and building lean muscle.

      The Classic is most easily done in a traditional gym. It is possible to do a large chunk of the program if you've got a home gym with a squat rack and bench, barbell, plates, and dumbbells. Accessory work can be modified by you with whatever equipment you have available.

      The Classic is similar to my previous conventional program, The Weida Way, but it is different enough that I think it fair to make available as a NEW PRODUCT. The Classic fills in a few movement gaps that bothered me about The Weida Way AND there is a LOT more guidance in The Classic because I don't just want you to do it, I want to do it right. The way it was intended. This is for your benefit.

      I hope you enjoy. It's a fun way to train. Cheers!

Customer Reviews

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Simple straight forward

I've been using The Classic for 3 weeks now. It's simple and straightforward. It works well with my other activities (jiu-jitsu, running, biking etc.). I look forward to learning growing and putting in the work in the coming weeks

Dustin Higgins
Awesome stuff.

I started this routine 2 weeks ago, and I’m already a huge fan. I don’t really usually like to follow other people’s “programs” but I admire Derek and wanted to give it a shot. The loading/rep scheme is fun and keeps it interesting. I tacked know his “Core” program starting earlier this week. It takes me about 1:45-2 hours to finish a full session depending on the day, but I’m smoked and looking forward to the next each time.

Kyler DeHaan

I have always had my personal trainer sister write my programs but have Always been curious about Weida’s programs so I gave it a shot! It’s absolutely amazing. I haven’t stepped foot in a gym in well over a year and just dialed down the weight and got after it. Easy instructions and very well written. Love going to the gym again. Thanks Derek!

Ryan Goodchild
No Bullshit Get to Work

Great, no nonsense put in the effort and intensity program. Exactly what DW said it was.

Joshua Webb
The Classic

Enjoying the workout so far. Kept getting tendonitis from the So Fit so I decided to give this one a shot. Straightforward and simple but still has an easy to follow plan with which I've already seen pretty good gains with.