Powerlifting Program


  • Product Description

      Designed to improve your Benchpress, Deadlift, and Squat.

      The 8-week program includes your main lifts - Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift - with plenty of strength and accessory work to improve these lifts.


      You will need access to conventional gym equipment.

      Each session will last between 45 minutes to one hour

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
The Gains are Evidence Enough

I started Derek's Powerlifting program after completing his Classic program and I am thoroughly satisfied with the results. After completing the 8th week I had increased my bench to 300lbs, my squat to 370 and my Deadlift to 465. I have never been stronger in my big 3 lifts in my life. The Epley Formula was decently accurate as well with a 96% accuracy for what I tested and what I was actually able to rep for one.

James Wagster
Love it

Hey folks, I have bought and completed a few of these programs that Derek has to offer. I’m always impressed with how well they work for me. Give it a go!

Torey Feldhaus
Premature rating a few minor/major technical problems

We’ll have to see how the plan actually works on strength numbers. Most of the plan is decent. Few errors on it. When it comes to deadlift days it’s missing what percentage we are supposed to work at. This is on the week 3 day 3 portion and beyond. It appears that those days are dedicated DL days. Since they are 10x3- 10x1 in the following weeks I’m assuming 90-95% 1rm range. And for a DL with a 2s pause below the knee, are we not letting the bar actually touch the ground? We’ll see how the plan works and based on that the rating could go up or down, but due to the few technical errors I’ll give it a 4 star for now.

Matt Swaney
Love this Program

I’m currently overseas and I’m working through this program. I love the program and I can’t wait to see the end results… I’ll probably run through a couple of times because I love it that much. Awesome program! Thank you Derek.

Austyn Simmons
Huge help

I am currently in Iraq and wanted to take a break from crossfit to get a bit stronger. This lifting program has made a huge difference. Recently made the 1000lb club over here and am currently working toward a 500lb deadlift.