Powerlifting Program


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      This 8 week powerlifting program was designed for Powerlifters by Powerlifters.

      The program includes your main lifts - Back Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift - with plenty of accessory work to improve those lifts.

      You will need access to a conventional gym.

      Each session will last between 45 minutes to one hour

Customer Reviews

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Effective & Efficient

I've used Derek's programs before for various training regiments, but this was my first time with the powerlifting program. Wanted to build back up a solid base of strength after I had finished up an IronMan I had been training for for awhile so I could go back to compete in the CrossFit circle. This was a great way to build up that base quickly & efficiently. At 160lbs, I built my DL up to 400, Back Squat to 305, OHP to 155 & Flat Bench to 235 - all solid numbers for myself personally and close to all time PRs, which I was impressed with given it was only 8ish weeks. Would definitely recommend

Good and Bad

The good- it's a great workout once you figure it out.

The bad- it's not complete. It's missing percentages and weights. I've emailed a couple times and told they were working on it. Followed up with no response.

Bottom line: it's worth $25 even though it's missing basic information.

Tim Oldenkamp

Powerlifting Program

Killer workout

Killer workouts. Seemed like a small amount of work....sore for days. Great stuff again from this dude and his team of coaches