Fit Kids


  • Product Description

      Start ‘em young! This 12 week training program was designed for kids ages 6-12. We wanted to get a program for the kids out to teach them about their body and how it moves. We saw a lot of kids jumping in with their parents during their at home workouts and didn’t want to leave them behind. Fit Kids was created to go along with the adult at home training program Part 2. They pair nicely. Aside from just the physical fitness aspect, I think it’s very cool to teach kids about commitment. Can they follow through with a 12 week plan? Teach them about things like setting goals and discipline!

      Because of the various skill levels between ages 6-12 some smart scaling and modifications may be necessary! That’s alright! Work with your kids on their program, help them out! You can always e-mail us questions you may have!

      Parents, please! You are in charge of your kid’s safety. If you’re all working together, there shouldn’t be any issues. Have fun, get fit...together!

      What ya get:

      After you purchase the program, you’ll be sent a link via e-mail to download your files. You get a plain paper .pdf to print out and write on (if that’s what you’re into) and 12 .jpgs to put on your phone so that you have that week's workout where you need them in the gym. Download the files (check your download folder on your phone) then save those to your camera roll and get to work. There is also a Master Key file to explain some of the acronyms we use. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Excellent workout for youth and adults!

My daughter and nephew both showed interest in exercising from watching my attempt at the so fucking fit 2020.1, so I purchased the kids program. Both kids are 11 and at different fitness levels so I modified the rep ranges for each so they can keep up. There's a good variety of exercises to keep them interested, but watching them work out is pretty boring so I've added this as my second workout of the day to join in on the fun with them! Thanks for putting everything together Derek.


The kids love it! Thank you for making this challenging program. Their quality of movement has greatly improved.

Joel Cosens

My kids are 11,10, and 8. Very different levels of fitness. They have really enjoyed it and it’s been a great way of introducing them to fitness and being able to do it together. Really loving it and they are getting a lot from it.