The Classic


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      The Classic is a conventional lifting program. All the movements in this program are the meat at potatoes of lifting. What makes this program unique and effective is the set, rep, and load schemes.

      I developed this scheme over a decade ago. The Classic is a culmination of what I enjoyed and found effective after years of training and dabbling in various methods. I've stuck with this format all this time because it works. It's a great program for improving strength and building lean muscle.

      The Classic is most easily done in a traditional gym. It is possible to do a large chunk of the program if you've got a home gym with a squat rack and bench, barbell, plates, and dumbbells. Accessory work can be modified by you with whatever equipment you have available.

      The Classic is similar to my previous conventional program, The Weida Way, but it is different enough that I think it fair to make available as a NEW PRODUCT. The Classic fills in a few movement gaps that bothered me about The Weida Way AND there is a LOT more guidance in The Classic because I don't just want you to do it, I want to do it right. The way it was intended. This is for your benefit.

      I hope you enjoy. It's a fun way to train. Cheers!

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Ty Smith
Thank you

This is just what I needed. After goofing off in my garage for a year thinking that I'm doing something. This program as opened my mind and body to real work. Thank you so much for making this program, easy to fallow, accessible, super affordable. I'd recommend this to anyone, no matter skills, or age. I'll be a return customer. Thanks again
P.S. please come back to The Drinkn Bros podcast

Eric Klein

Love the program dude and I will be buying more when I'm through the classic!

The Classic: Most Reliable Plan Out There

Just like the title says, this has been the plan I have followed the most consistently for about a decade at this point. Had screenshots of the workout from ages ago and have used it ever since. Recently bought the plan from the new site and loving the changes. The notes help a lot. Derek has a way of making fitness for the "every man" the way it should be. It's simple, gets results, and you're not in the gym for hours. Can't ask for anything better than that.

Joseph Longnecker
Meat and potatoes of a great workout plan

Got tired of working out aimlessly for so long. This plan set me straight and got me back to the basics. Thanks Derek!


I’ve been lifting on and off for a little over 10 years now. I’m easily the strongest and biggest I’ve been since starting this. I’ve been going on 4 weeks now and I’ve hit a few new pr’s with it. def recommend. The basics WORK!