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      It’s funny how often something like the core is neglected when it’s literally called, “The Core.” Everything starts at the core. If your core is weak, so to then, are you.

      This IS NOT a routine designed just to give you a six pack. Having visible abs is more about a lower overall bodyfat percentage, and it doesn’t mean that you have a strong core. Actually, a lot of people with abs have pathetic core strength and endurance. That’s the goal of this core routine: Core strength and endurance. Abs are still a muscle and need to be trained and this does that.

      Training your core hurts. Do it anyway. Having a strong core will improve all your lifts, increase your overall fitness, and even for many people reduce low back pain. This is my personal routine. It works. Enjoy. - Derek


      What ya get -

      Core workouts for each day of the week. I post video tutorials in the Facebook group around these movements. Join the FREE group and search for the videos in the archive. 

       After you purchase the program, you’ll be sent a link via e-mail to download your files. You get a .doc to print out and write on (if that’s what you’re into) and I put the workout on 5 .jpgs to put on your phone so that you have the movements where you need them in the gym. Save those to your camera roll and get to work!


Customer Reviews

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Not an awful program but absolutely nothing special. Not worth the purchase. Should be free.

Cody Cannon


Francois-Xavier Raymond
Core program

Good workout program for the price. Effective

Isabell Staab
You get what you pay for

…and this is fine.
Just asked yourself if it is necessary to pay 10$ for Fast Eddies, Fast Eddies with weight and two times 100 abmat sit ups for Time. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Chad Piazza
Good info for a dummy like me

It’s simple. Simple movements. Simple to understand, but worth its weight in gold for a dummy like me who is just getting into routine building and I would have had no idea where to start. Quality info as always