• Product Description

      A 9-week CONPLETE At Home fitness program (1 test week and 8 training weeks), designed for all fitness levels but will also humble the avid gym go-er.

      Each day includes a warm up, strength session, accessory work, and a conditioning workout which is the way I like to train.

      Love ya guys! Cheers!


      This program is intended to be performed with limited equipment: hDumbbells, Kettlebells, and Bodyweight. Be surprised by the amount of progress you can make with very limited resources/equipment. 

      What you get:

      • 1 test week. 8 weeks of workouts planned out for YOU and tests along the way to track progress.
      • Master Key to help translate some acronyms we use

      After you purchase the program, you’ll be sent a link via e-mail to download your files. You get a .pdf to print out and write on, or .jpg for each week to screen shot and save to your camera roll and get to work!

      *Views and Downloads are only available limited time so please download or screen shot programs for future use! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jason C
Painful, but worth it

As expected from a Derek workout, it will make you better IF you dedicate and work. Great plan to get you going for the first time or to get back into working out. Good workout plan Derek

Joe Hennessey
Fuckin kicks your ass!!!

If you don’t like to work hard this is not for you.

Eddie Levy
King of Kings workout plan

This workout plan has single handedly transformed me from a lump of flimsy gelatinous boy to 190lbs of chiseled man candy. My wife cannot keep her hands off me. Within the first week I hurt. Through watching Derek's videos I get that's the point push harder. Then the results started coming.... 10/10 would recommend.

Margarita (like the drink)

Thank you so much! This is prefect with my work from home schedule!

Dustin Row

I have been doing Crossfit since 2013. This has given me some additional work to do each day that leaves me feeling perfectly exhausted! It is also easy to knock out in my shop if time doesn’t allow me too get to get to the gym. I am an Iraq veteran as well and have been following you forever. Thanks for the programming, Derek.