Stupid Rules


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      The STUPID Rules is a writing I created to help you take control, and maintain control, of your mental health.

      In The STUPID Rules, I share six things you can do every day that’ll ensure you never sink down too far into the depths of depression, hopelessness, and inaction. They’re the six rules I have for myself. The six things I do in order to stay mentally prepared and fit for life.
      The STUPID Rules consist of what I’ve deemed most beneficial and most important throughout my years of battling depression, suicidal fantasies, and lack of purpose or meaning in life. I’ve been in psychiatric treatment programs, taken medications, seen professional help regularly and I am a proponent of those options, when those kinds of things are needed, BUT we can’t rely doctors and pills for the rest of our lives. We have to learn how to live, and live well.

      The STUPID Rules are a self-prescribed list of actions you can take daily so that you can accomplish that: Live and live well. 

      In the writing I’ll introduce each rule and then give you direct actions you can take, specific guidance. I believe that if you enter this with honesty and humility, something in the writing will change your life and change it for the better.
      You can access the writing upon purchase and you'll also receive an email directing you how to access the content. You can save and read it on your phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. Or, you can print it out, scribble notes and make highlights. Either way...

      I hope you enjoy it. I hope it helps.

      What ya get:

      The written paper version as a .pdf

      After you purchase the e-book, you’ll be sent a link via e-mail to download your files. You get a plain paper .pdf to print out or read on your phone/tablet/computer. Be sure to download the file, then check your download folder on your phone (you may need to search "download folder" in the search menus to find it).


Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Brian Holt
A good read and time of reflection

I liked it. Basically starts me on a path to being a better version of myself from someone else's honest point of view and experience

James Berridge
Fantastic Wisdom!!

Love the heartfelt and powerful insights from Uncle Derek. He is a gifted writer and this was well worth the read! Thanks for all the inspiration!

Heather Hill
Just what I needed

I'm currently doing a reboot of my personal habits, and this was the best thing to read while I re-adjusted my lifestyle. Thanks, Derek!

Andrew T
3rd purchase of his material

I've gotten a workout. The damn food bible. And the snap out of it and get after it memorandum. All worth it. All great. Sometimes it's hard for me to read self help and diet material from regular sources. His no BS approach is what does it for me. From one former army dude to another, keep killin it man! You've got a fan.

Asa Gottsponer
Great info

This is great whether you think you struggle with mental health or not. Awesome information! Life is hard and this can give you simple tools to persevere.