WeidaRX Bundle


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Very well written and laid out plan. The rest days are placed perfectly and I really like the format of strength work with endurance work!

Very Poor Experience

I wrote an email asking about the program and the SoFit program. They only answered about this program and described it as "It will be helpful to have some CrossFit training". I thought I might be able to do it, but it was way more advanced than I thought when I received it. I followed up for weeks after purchasing about being able to transfer that money/purchase to one of the SoFit programs and they just ghosted.

I hate to leave a poor review, but I was very much disappointed by the customer service.

Anthony Gutierrez

Incredible programming. I’ve been using it to help with my adaptive competitions and it’s definitely something I’ll recommend!

Josh Stively

Just what I was looking for to get into a routine of progression

Logan Watters
Perfect for Home Gym

I have bought several programs over the years and this was my first functional fitness (CrossFit) style. I was concerned about being able to do this in my home gym so I emailed the company asking and Kadee recommend this one. She was absolutely right, I can do all the workouts with my rack, bar, bumpers, dumbbells, jump rope, and pull up bar. The program even has alternative movements if you don't have equipment (e.g. running instead of rowing). This program will kick your ass in the best way possible. I cannot say enough good things about the program or the customer service. I have already recommended this program to several of my home gym friends. Stop thinking about it, just buy it already.