So Fit At Home 2021.1


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Richard Rothenburg
Great Value , Very Challenging

This was the 2nd 12 week at home workout I purchased and did. The 2020 and 2021. The 2021 has more movements and variety but I think around week 8 the workouts took too long for me. Upwards of 1 1/2 hours to complete. It was the strength part that had 6 sets of 4 different exercises that seemed excessive . Can’t beat the price. Very very challenging .

Travis J
Wake up call.

This has been a real one. This Program is the fucking real deal. NO EXCUSES. Thank you.

K. W.
Enjoying it

I'm 2 solid weeks in. At first, I thought "eh this is probably just some decent routine to follow, probably not that tough, everyone is just kissing Derek's ass". But I needed to get moving, I was getting soft working from home, i trust Derek and his own results are self evident, so I bought it. This program is a killer in all the best ways. It's so well crafted, once you start it you can really tell Derek put genuine EFFORT into doing this right. It's helping me immensely in multiple ways, both phsyical and mental. I'm loving it and am already seeing results and feeling the benefits just into my 3rd week. Highly recommended, firewall 5's, promote ahead of peers.

Daniel Byron
Great workout plan

I’m enjoying the So Fit at Home 2021.1 plan. It’s easy to understand and it provides solid workouts that are helping me improve. Thanks Derek for putting these together and making them affordable. You are an inspiration to get in better shape and live a healthier lifestyle.

Ramon Ramirez
Kicking My Butt!

Workouts are tough but you feel very accomplished when done. I'm on week two and maybe not there yet, but I don't feel that there is lots of upper body workouts.