So Fit 2021.2


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Daniel Smith
Home workouts-Oklahoma

Derek, I have been using your home workouts for the past 18 months. I started out with your first 12 week DB, KB, BW workout and purchased 2.0 and 3.0. I am disappointed about 3.0 because there is only 4 weeks of content and not a full 12 weeks like the previous versions. I have not tried 2021.1 but it is on my list after I finish up my 3rd time of doing the original 12 week at home workout. It lookes to be on track with the rest of the at home workouts. However, I also purchased 2021.2 and I am a little disappointed. Looks like there are a lot of barbell and cable workouts in 2021.2 and more of a gym style setting. I have relinquished my gym membership 18 months ago because I am happier working out at home with DB, KB, BW, and med balls in my garage gym. As a 40 year-old I am more into being fit than power lifting like I did in my younger days. Your workouts have helped me maintain a great physique. I may continue to do 2021.2 and just substitute the barbell and cable workouts. Overall I will continue to follow your content and look forward to future workouts. I have told so many co-workers, family, and friends about your workouts and the inspiration they provide. Thank you for everything Derek. Stay strong brother. 💪

Brent Meyer
Definitely worth it

Derek’s workout plans are some of the most well rounded plans I’ve ever used; not easy, but well worth the money.

M Kircher

6th program I’ve used from Derek and they keep getting better

Dallin Taylor


Justin Koons

This is my fourth program with Derek and I love each one. They continue to mix it up to keep you from getting bored and do a great job at keeping me in shape