Just Move Program


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Melissa Bell
Just Move

Sometimes life (my brain) doesn’t let me think it’s easy to do anything. This program is simple…just move! No pressure. Just move.

Ryann Zentmeyer
Finally something for me

I’ve bought a couple different programs to try to work on getting where I know I need to be. I don’t lack motivation, more of lacking discipline. This is the step that I needed to help me start working back towards what I once was.

Good program

Good starting off program or those, like myself, who have been lazy for a few years. Old fat guys have a hard time jumping into really intense stuff with our lack of recovery, soreness, stiffness etc. this is a good workout, helps with progress and gets you back.

Really happy with it

I’ve purchased some of Derek’s other programs and they always seemed really daunting to me. Im very comfortable lifting weights but not so much the conditioning aspect of some of his other programs. I feel like so far, this program is a good fit for the type of work I like to do in the gym as well as fitting into my lifestyle. Fitting a gym workout in every day just hasn’t been a priority lately. With this program, I still feel like I’m getting in good movement and I didn’t have to come up with a program by myself!