Core Program


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Francois-Xavier Raymond
Core program

Good workout program for the price. Effective

Isabell Staab
You get what you pay for

…and this is fine.
Just asked yourself if it is necessary to pay 10$ for Fast Eddies, Fast Eddies with weight and two times 100 abmat sit ups for Time. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Chad Piazza
Good info for a dummy like me

It’s simple. Simple movements. Simple to understand, but worth its weight in gold for a dummy like me who is just getting into routine building and I would have had no idea where to start. Quality info as always

Greg Cantrell
Not what I expected

So I’m kinda new to workouts. Maybe it’s my fault, maybe I should’ve researched more? The core program was recommended to me but I feel like I paid $10 for a document that says “Do 75 sit-ups.” I guess this wasn’t what I expected. It’s too hard for me and would take too much time in addition to my current workout. I kinda blame more the person who recommended it for me, but I just don’t feel that it was worth $10 to me since it taught me nothing new.

Chris Kruse
Good Stuff!

I've used all his programs so far and noticed changes in my general physique and progress towards my goals. The core program is no different.