Ass Blaster 1000


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Gineza Angeles
Will make you cuss.

Good buns of steel workout. Will make you cuss Derick through out the workout. Really, it’s that good.

Elizabeth Caddel

Ass Blaster 1000

Ayla Johnson
Ass sufficiently blasted. I guess it's consensual?

This made me work a lot harder than if I was trying to work out on my own at the gym or even some of the exercises I can do at home. I'm still working on the program and I feel like I'm already noticing a difference on my appearance. I have definitely noticed a change in my strength too. This program will make you really work hard, it isn't the typical workout you see on the internet of a tiny girl doing donkey kicks. Your ass will be blasted. Even my husband tried it with me and it was quite the blaster for him as well. My own problem was I went too heavy with weight on day 1 and recovery after was a bit longer than I wanted it to be. Still highly recommend though.

Brittney Bayard
My ass is getting PHAT

My boyfriend is currently doing Fit as F~~k. It is what enticed me to try this work out. Even though my photos don’t show much change after two weeks I Definitly feel a more firm butt. My jeans look better and it’s boosted my confidence. That y’all so much for putting this work out together.
Highly recommended.

Crystal Nunez
Blasting my Ass

Love it. Great supplement to my programming. Doesn't kill me and yet the next day I still feel the work put in. Thank you!!