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      Ease your way back into fitness after giving birth with this simple 6 month training program designed to get you moving without causing harm or injury. My wife completed this exact program after having the twins. Wife approved! Love ya! -Derek


      This program is designed to go from when you are officially cleared by your doctor (after 6 weeks) to start fitnessing again, back to being in better shape than you were in before you brought a tiny human into this world – congrats by the way. There will be workouts that include cross training style conditioning and Olympic lifting, which can remain light based on your comfort level. 

      Being cautious at the beginning and your body will thank in the end. RPE is rate of perceived exertion, meaning how difficult is a certain movement on a 1-10 scale. Kind of like that fun pain chart in the doctors office you had to answer as a kid. 

      The program itself is designed for a commercial gym, but some of you may be able to complete it if you have a home gym. 

      Required equipment:

      Pool to swim laps in is great, zero impact. You can substitute walking for the pool.

      Stability Ball/Heel Sliders


      TRX straps/Rings

      Bench and Box Preferred

      Light DB Set

      PVC Pipe

      Barbell and Weights

      Light KB

      One piece of cardio equipment (rower, bike that counts calories [assault bike – AB], ski erg) 

      Jump Rope

      Wallball/slam ball (can sub barbell thrusters for wall balls)

      Floor presses are the same as a bench press, without the bench. 

      What ya get:

      This is a 6 month program (27 weeks) designed to get your fitness back after having a baby (or babies). Everything has been planned out FOR YOU including rest days and what to focus on during the week. Take it slow! Exercise patience! Your body just went through a cool ass life-changing experience!

      After you purchase the program, you’ll be sent a link via e-mail to download your files. You get a .doc to print out and write on that include notes for what to focus on during key points of the program. You also get 27 .jpg’s to save on your phone so that you have that week's workouts where you need them in the gym. Save those to your camera roll and get to work!

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