So Fit 2021.1


  • Product Description

      Another 12-week program to start the new year off right! Perfect for all levels. Whether you're new to fitness, getting your fitness back, or just looking to change things up, this program is for you. Each workout has a warm up, strength session, and conditioning session which is the way I like to train, build & maintain lean body mass and burn fat. Love ya guys! Cheers -Derek

      This program was intended to be possible at a "normal" gym. 

      The required equipment is: Treadmill, Squat Rack, Barbell (w/ weights), Dumbbells/Kettlebells, Bench (adjustable preferred, especially if you don’t have access to a cable machine), Pull Up Bar, Jump Rope

      Not necessary, but nice to have additional equipment: Plyo Box (can use the bench), Rings/TRX Straps, Rower (substitute is 500m rowing = 400m/ ¼ mile run, 20 calorie row = 200m/ 1/8 mile run), Cable Machine (can be substituted with dumbbells, if necessary), Assault Bike/any bike that tracks calories, Ez-Bar can be substituted with a normal barbell


      What ya get:

      Your next 12 weeks of strength and conditioning are planned out FOR YOU in advance. There are 11 weeks of training and a test week at the end to see how you've improved!

      After you purchase the program, you’ll be sent a link via e-mail to download your files. You get a .pdf to print out and write on (if that’s what you’re into) and 12 .jpgs to put on your phone so that you have that week's workouts where you need them in the gym. Save those to your camera roll and get to work! There is also a file that translates some of the acronyms we use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
It’s growing on me

Completed 2020.1, and went straight to 2021.1. 3 weeks in and I’m not hating it. Definitely different than the 2020 version. Down 9lbs, but not feeling/seeing any losses in strength. Glad to see that the rep scheme across the program is diverse, much like last years program.

Challenging in all the best ways

This program has really shown me where I need to improve but in the best way possible. Workouts are always challenging and never boring

Simple and extremely effective

In all honesty this program is incredible. Simple to follow yet extremely challenging. I was also blown away by my quick progress.


I’m not one for CrossFit but I really Enjoyed the 2020 program last year. Decided to get the 2021 program and I’m not disappointed. I’m on day 3 or 4 of week 2, and I’m enjoying what I’m doing so far. The Fast Eddie’s are quite unique but man are they fun (not). It’s a good program. Two weeks in and I’m happy with my purchase. 

It will kick your ass

Great program. I’ve never paid for a program before because I think most of them are over hyped. I love this program because it’s a great mix of strength and conditioning training. It creates functional strength. Every week has a good mix of exercises and a lot of volume.